Who is Lia Marus?

Lia Marus is an editor, writer and social media enthusiast. She started off her career having qualified in the translation industry but found that her passions lay in creating stories, helping others fine tune what they wanted to say and connecting with people that showed a dynamic mindset.

Lia Marus decided to carve her niche into the world and entered into the publishing industry – both print and digital. This was her home for a number of years until the calling to take on the great unknown and become her own boss won her over. Lia Marus now successfully manages her own business doing corporate writing and editing novels as well as academic theses.

Why I love being an entrepreneur

Being my own boss has left me free to pursue my love of the law and academics, and to finish off my LLB – a project that I’ve been trying to finish for years! Many people ask me: “Why law? It’s the polar opposite of what you’ve been doing, career wise, for years…” Well, the reason why I chose law – originally – is that I wanted to become a legal translator and I felt that having a legal degree behind me would make me more marketable in the profession.

Since I decided to leave the translation profession, my reasons for entering law have changed. I want to use my legal knowledge to help people and make the law accessible and understandable.

No one thing defines me

I am interested in a heap of things – everything from the law right down to my passion for food. I am privileged enough to have been blessed with the gift of story-telling and my way of showing gratitude for this gift is letting the world  know about the great work that entrepreneurs out there are trying to do and by giving them useful ways of carrying out their business. Please feel free to visit my blog to learn more about me!