Stages in Braamfontein: hit and miss

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One of our favourite things to do after we’ve seen a show at the Joburg Theatre is to go and have a drink at Stages.

This has always been a lovely, chilled – out venue where you and your party can sit and discuss the show that you’ve just seen. Sometimes, you might even be lucky enough to get to chat with one of the cast members who’s popped into Stages with the same idea as you.

We’ve always found the food to be good at Stages – from the starters down to the desserts. For example,  my husband and I grabbed a bite to eat there last week after watching Burn the Floor. I had the chicken and brie salad:


My husband had the chicken breasts.


On previous occasions we’ve had the carrot cake, which has flavours that I’ve never tasted in a carrot cake before, which make this dessert explode in your mouth and remind you of Christmas.


The bill came to about R300 with wine, which isn’t  too bad, as far as I’m concerned.

Service at Stages isn’t the greatest but this hasn’t really bothered us in the past as we’ve been quire involved with discussing the performance so we didn’t notice the absence of wait staff.

However, what put us off when we went to Stages last week was the loud music and almost club-like atmosphere that they had created for the evening. For us, this was not in keeping with the relaxed, cultural atmosphere of the Joburg Theatre. The music was so loud that we had to shout at each other to be heard.

So would I recommend Stages? The food is good and cost-effective but I can go to Woolies and buy an equally tasty meal and eat it in the comfort of my own home.  When I go out, more than anything,  I want to be in an environment that I enjoy. I usually like the vibe at Stages but last week was not one of those occasions…