Coobs in Parkhurst: a delightful surprise ~ Lia Marus
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Coobs in Parkhurst: a delightful surprise

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The latest buzzword in many industries is sustainability. I’m sure that many people use it as merely  a marketing ploy but this is not the case with Coobs, who also markets themselves as a sustainable restaurant as everything that they serve in their establishment – save the seafood – is produced on their farm in Magaliesburg.

I had heard a lot of negative reviews about Coobs – especially about the service – but when my mom and I popped in here for a bite to eat earlier this week, the service we received was impeccable. We also had a wonderful chat with the owner who enlightened is about his philosophy surrounding his restaurants (he also owns one in Parktown North) as well as the events, such as wine-pairings, that he regularly holds.

I had the Caesar salad, which was served with a beautiful anchovy mayonnaise dressing. The hard-boiled eggs were slightly runny in the centre,  which was a delightful taste change from the usual tough yolks. They were also very happy to exclude the croutons:


Mom had the green salad and loved the flavour combinations of the farm-fresh greens:


Both my mom and I were very pleasantly surprised by Coobs and can’t wait to try the other items on their menu.

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