Keyword Research | How To Perform This | Part One | Lia Marus
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How to perform keyword research

How to go about keyword research: Part 1

The first step in the SEO copywriting process is performing keyword research. What this means is that you will need to research what keywords you are going to incorporate into your website copy so that your (potential) customers will be able to find you on Google. But the question is, how is this done?


Demarcate your market
There are two possible starting points for keyword research:


Think about who your potential customers would be. Describe them – down to the last detail – and think about what their ‘pain points’ or problems are.


Determine how your website will be able to solve their problems. So, for example, one group of my potential customers would be university students who need to get their work edited by me before they hand in.


So, what combinations of keywords that I’d assign to this type of customer persone (in marketing terms, this is called a buyer’s persona) are – for example:


– Essay editor Johannesburg
– Thesis editor Johannesburg
– Academic editor Johannesburg


(Hint: It’s always a good idea to  make your keywords specific. In other words, incorporate geographical locations so that your are easier to find.)


If you’re not sure about who your customers are, analyse the product that you’re selling and pick out various key characteristics that you know people would search for when they are looking for your product.

So, to take another one of my services – SEO copywriting – if I were to analyse what a potential customer would look for when searching for someone who could perform SEO copywriting, I would probably come up with something like:

– SEO copywriting Johannesburg
– SEO Johannesburg
– SEO copywriter Johannesburg
– Copywriting Johannesburg
– Copywriter Johannesburg


In the next instalment of this series of articles on keyword research, I’ll take you through how to use a keyword generator to generate variations of the keywords – and use them in your copy.


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