As a freelancer, productivity doesn't mean working 24.7

Attention freelancers: Being productive doesn’t mean working 24/7

Ever had one of those days where you just can’t seem to get things going? Where you know that you have a million things to do but you just can’t pull yourself together to write out a to-do list?

I’ve had my fair share of these days. Sometimes I push through them but, on other days, I just feel like I don’t want to make the effort of pushing myself to be super productive and I just want to sit on the couch, eat chocolate and watch a soppy romantic movie on Netflix. (Yes, this is one of my guilty pleasures…)

As a freelancer, we have the added anxiety of remaining super productive because we know that the more work we do the more we get paid. (That’s if we are lucky enough to have clients who pay on time!) This is because we want to be in the situation of having some money put away for those times when work isn’t that plentiful.

The consequence of too much push

However, by constantly pushing ourselves we land up in the situation of depleting our reserves. We don’t recharge so that we are able to think creatively and generate new ideas for our clients.

As creative freelancers, we are our business. We bring a unique flavour to what we’re selling to customers. We develop new and bespoke solutions for our clients based on the services we offer so that they can have a solution that is tailor made for them. If the core of the business – in other words us – is tired and worn out, it stands to reason that the products that we turn out will be as tired and worn out.

So when you’re feeling stagnant (and this is my advice to freelancers as well as employees) take some time for yourself. Do what ever it is that you want to – be it going to the spa, reading a book that isn’t related to your work or simply having a nap. Take an hour or two and be selfish. And by ‘selfish’ I don’t mean anything negative. I mean that you need to be mindful of yourself and do what you need to in order to replenish.