About | Lia Marus
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About Lia Marus

I’m an editor and copywriter. My chosen career has been many years in the making… In fact, my earliest memory of feeling the drive to write was when I was about three years old, or so, and I would dictate stories to my grandmother to write down!

I’m not going to regurgitate my CV here. If you want it, you can download it here or have a look at my LinkedIn profile for a more detailed overview of my professional accomplishments. Here, I’m going to give you an insight into me.


I’ve always loved language and communication


While I was growing up, my free time was spent creating stories about magical worlds. When I say “magical” I don’t mean the likes of Harry Potter or the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. These were stories based in settings that I had seen in movies or had experienced in real life.

I come from an Italian family and when I was about 11 or so I wrote a mafia style piece where the characters were based on my family members. Even from that early age, I knew that a golden rule of writing is to write what you know.


The eternal student


Some people who’ve met me have classified me as an eternal student. I supposed that you could term me that as I’ve been studying, in one shape or form, since I was 20. However, I don’t study so that I can live off my parents and avoid the harsh realities of earning a living. I study because I love learning.

I love being able to take everything that I’ve learned and create something new, be it a piece of writing, a conversation with a friend or colleague. I thrive on creating value that comes from imbuing my own insights into something. That’s when I feel that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together well and click.


My philosophy on work


I respect every single one of my clients. I cherish that they have entrusted me with creating their website copy or editing their thesis, which they have spent hours and hours on. I take the time to get to know them and make sure that their voice comes out strongly in the copy that I produce or edit. This is not my work. It’s their’s. And I make sure that it stays that way.

For me, my work is not just a job. It’s a passion. It’s one of the reasons that I live and breathe. It’s taken me a long time to be happy with the career path that found me and, now that I am, I can’t imagine doing anything else.