Academic Editing and Proofreading | Theses and Dissertations | Lia Marus
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Academic editing and proofreading

A lot of time, effort and money goes into tertiary academic study. Most of the time, you’ll undertake further study after school because you want to start rising to the top of your chosen profession, which you have chosen because it’s your passion. You have the guts and the drive to succeed. The job market is tough. Companies only employ a certain number of graduates. Know how they choose them? On marks. So the better your marks are, the more chance you have of being selected to become one of the elite few that corporates will hire. This is where academic editing and proofreading comes in.


Fine-tuning your academic writing – from your essays to your theses – will give you this extra edge and will mean the difference between mere passes and distinctions. Academic editing and proofreading will mean the difference between you getting an ‘OKish’ job and you getting that job which will see you sitting in the corner office.


When I edit academic work, here’s what I look at:

  • Grammar – Are there any grammatical errors and/or spelling mistakes?
  • Style – Is the piece written in an academic style? For example, academic writing only uses the third person and never the first or second person. So, you will never say: “The reason why I chose this research methodology is…”. You will always say: “The reason why the researcher chose this research methodology is…”
  • References – Have the references been compiled according to your institution’s guidelines?
  • Understandability – Are there any sections of the work which do not make sense?


If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you in terms of academic editing and proofreadin, or if you would like me to provide you with a quote, please follow this link.