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SEO copywriting and content management

Google is the modern-day Yellow Pages because if your customers can’t find you on the first two pages of Google results, they’ll go to your competitors who can be easily found on the search engine. Want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you? Well, you need to make sure that your site is SEO-friendly and that your copywriter has employed SEO copywriting principles.


What does this mean?


If a site is SEO friendly, it is easily searchable by Google and when users type in requests regarding what the site is about, your site is one of the top-ranked results. So, if you’ve developed a site on which you sell muffins in Johannesburg, and people type in “muffins”, “Johannesburg”, your site should be one of the first to pop up if it’s SEO friendly.


So how can you make your site SEO friendly?


It’s all about keywords. You’ve got to figure out what keywords your customers will type into Google when they’re searching for your product. Then you make sure that your site contains these keywords so that Google will pick them up.


Content management and its role in SEO


Ever heard the saying that “Content is King”? Although you may have heard it ad nauseum, this is true. If you have content on your site that is constantly changing and relevant to your audience, Google will be more likely to rank you closer to the front of their search results.

I have a wealth of experience in generating content for clients’ websites as well as managing how this content is distributied on their websites and social media platforms.


Interested to know how I can help you do this? Send me a mail and let’s see how I can help!