My secret to copywriting | Writing | Lia Marus
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My secret to copywriting

Why you should choose Lia Marus for your writing projects

In this day and age of Google and the Internet, your business has very little chance of succeeding unless you have a website. When your customers perform searchers in Google, Bing or what ever search engine they choose they should find you – preferably on the first page. Most importantly, when they find you your website should give them no excuse but to go with you.


But, the challenge that many clients have with the copy that they have written for them on their websites – be it static copy or articles that detail more about their services – is that the copy writer imposes their own voice without what is being written. They don’t take the time to listen to what the client wants, how he or she would actually write or say what needs to be said. The process of copywriting becomes extremely mechanical.


I don’t do this. When I meet a client (or potential client) who wants me to do copywriting for them, initially I find out what industry they are in and what their needs are. Basically I get to know them. I develop a relationship with them so that I can learn their voice and expressions as well as how they would articulate themselves.


There is always an open channel of communication between myself and my clients. I ask them if they are happy with what I’ve written, how I can improve. Ultimately, we grow and develop together so that we can develop a long-lasting relationship.


What do I write?


I concentrate on putting together content for companies’ websites. My speciality are blog-type articles. I have used the same methodology, which I use for my clients, for the blogs on my website. Have a look at one of my latest articles here.

I also put together a lot of static copy for clients’ websites. This is all SEO-optimised. This means that I insert search phrases, which your target customers are using , in to your website copy. This increases your odds of being found easily on Google or any other search engines.

One of my passions is HR, the law and plain language. I write extremely insightful feature pieces about these three subjects for various industry publications. I’ve also written on other subjects which are extremely well received. (I’ve posted quite a number of legal-related articles on my LinkedIn profile.)

What are the benefits of having your copy written by me?


  1. My research is impeccable. I always make sure that I have thoroughly researched the copy that I write so that you have as near as perfect a product you can. You’ll feel as if you’ve done the copywriting yourself!
  2. Being an editor – and having many, many years of experience in the world of print and digital publishing – means that my copy comes out as close to grammatically perfect as possible. This is because I leave my copy to mellow for 24 hours after I have written it before I look at it again with a fresh pair of eyes and correct any mistakes which I may not have seen.
  3. As I’ve said before, I develop long-term relationships with my clients. I’m in it for the long haul. I’m not in the copywriting game just to make a quick buck and leave you high and dry. If there’s something that needs to be fixed I am here to fix it. I want the best for you and your business.
  4. Language and, especially copywriting, is my passion. Telling stories is something that I have loved doing since I was a child. I put my heart and soul into what I write and what I produce shows it.
  5. I’m open and honest. I know who I am and have an inner confidence. This confidence and self-assurance is translated into your brand and ethos when I write for you.


I would love to hear from you about how I can assist you with your copywriting needs. Please follow this link to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you with a quote.