Communication is the key to any successful relationship

I wrote the book review below last year – and published it on another one of my blogs – but I thought some of you would like to read it – which is why I’ve posted it again.

We all know – although we sometimes conveniently forget – that something as simple as communication is the basis to any successful relationship. This makes sense because unless you tell someone what you’re thinking or feeing, how are they supposed to know? Unless they have a psychic ability, they won’t know unless you open your mouth and tell them! In his new book, the 5 Night Plan, social media extraordinaire Rich Simmonds has proposed a way you can overcome communication blocks in your relationships.

In this book, he uses his ample experience that he has gained from observing people in his careers as social media strategist and photographer to highlight – and find a solution to – the problems that people have with communication in their relationships.

Rich says that improving communication in your relationship only takes five nights but to see results, you have to be committed. “Commit yourselves to be open in your communication. Agree that you will always be open and honest, that you will never hold anything back from each other and your relationship will be loaded with possibilities. When we get the basics of our relationships right, the other areas of our lives fall into place,” he says in the book.

After he outlines the 5 night plan, Rich talks about the principles that underline it, namely:

1. Communication
2. Trust
3. Commitment
4. Serendipity
5. Forgiveness

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book:

“The authentic message behind non-communication and not being heard conveys the fact that our partner no longer cares for us. Please respect your partner enough to listen to what they have to say.”

“It is only when you give love away without expecting anything in return that you receive more. When we trust that is when others start trusting us.”

“The golden thread of any relationship is commitment. It is the promise that we make to one another because of the value we are able to see in the other person.”

“In life we can do many things that are exciting. The occasional activity, however, does not bring us happiness. What actually brings us happiness are the things we do consistently that are different. It’s that little extra effort that we put in that gives us a sense of achievement. These small victories, on a daily basis, add to our happiness. In the context of a relationship, it’s the little things that we do that add to the memories and ultimately the happiness of the relationship.”

“In life and in relationships, we carry a lot of unused and unnecessary baggage. The weight of the negative memories weighs us down and this slows us down considerably.”

Rich’s next book – Mug and Tweet – is about social communication in the digital age, which he made his name in. Follow @MugAndTweet on Twitter for more information.