Where will I be in five years’ time?

A day or two ago, I came across Jacquie Somerville’s e-book entitled 6 Secrets to Kick-Ass Courage & Confidence – thank you Lisa Scheneider from Trifocus Fitness Academy for the referral!. In it, Jacquie talks about the secrets she has discovered that have helped her to develop her drive and determination. She breaks these down into six steps.

The first is entitled “crave” and at the end of describing all the is entailed in this step, she recommends some exercises to help you discover what you desire out of life because the only way to really make a success of something, she says, is to truly desire it. One of these exercises that she recommends is to write down where you think that you will be in five years’ time. One of the biggest things that you need to do, Jacquie says, is to write down what you envisage – with no holds barred. What you dream for your life shouldn’t be tied down to the amount of money you have or the qualifications you possess. What you dream happening to your life should be about what your soul longs for.

So: here goes. An insight into where I think that I will be in five years’ time…

I am 39 years old and took the courageous decision, when I was 34, to finish my LLB full time. I completed my degree when I was 36 and decided to pursue articles at the prestigious law firm – Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr – in Sandton. I was 37 at the time – the oldest of all the candidate attorneys but not the oldest in the history of CDH. Apparently, the oldest candidate attorney that the firm had ever had was 65!

I am sitting my board exams next week – I feel confident in them as I have had the most incredible tuition from Zaheer and his team at IPCE. My plan is to go into conveyancing: it’s a good job that pays well and there’s a lot of demand for conveyancers. Earlier on in my studies, I was told that the notary public exams are much easier than the conveyancing exams. So: who knows? Maybe I’ll do both – just for fun (!) – and see what happens… However, I do have an interest in labour law and all that that entails but I’m very wary of getting into this field: I feel that the slice of the pie that I would be able to get my hands on is very small as there are a lot of labour lawyers out there. However, I do fancy the idea of publishing a paper or two on my opinions about labour law. (Publishing papers will always get you noticed and that’s something that I want to do: I want to make a name for myself and be known out there. I want to become an expert.)

My husband (Gavin) and I live in a beautiful home in Alexandra Avenue in Craighall Park. This road is special for me as this is where we rented our first home, many many moons ago! We live in a rather large townhouse that has an outbuilding I use as my office. We love it here as it’s convenient for both of us to get to work. My husband works in Rosebank and I work in Sandton, which means – in traffic – it takes us each 15 minutes to get to work. Very different from the hour that I used to spend in traffic when I worked in the media!

We don’t have any kids. Gavin and I decided against it a long time ago – actually quite soon after we got married. What cemented our decision what this I was diagnosed with Cowden’s Syndrome when I was 33, which means that random haematomas pop up in various organs of my body – at the most inopportune times… I have quite a lot in my breast which, the gynae says, could probably get bigger with pregnancy. Gavin had leukaemia as a child as well, so I don’t really want to pass our set of bum genes to our kids. After I’ve finished my board exams, we may consider adopting but I don’t think that we will.

I absolutely adore our life: we can arrange it how we want, when we want. The only obstacle that we have is the yearly tests that I have to undergo but Gavin is by my side so I have nothing to worry about. If anything where to happen, we’ll tackle it one step at a time.