Gotta do vs want to do: the timeless debate

I am writing this blog at about 11pm at night. The resson? I recently made a commitment to myself that I would make a concerted effort to blog on a regular basis. I am aiming at once every couple of days or so as I want to build up my blog to be a comprehensive resource for newbie freelancers. Although I have been prety good over the last couple of days (it’s only been a couple of days since I made the promise to myself to be more prolific in my writing) I was at a wedding yesterday which has stalled my productiveness today due to the necessity of recpvery, which is why I find myself at this late hour being torn between the lure of slumberland and the necessity of keeoing my promise to myself. I’m torn between the “like-to-dos” and the the “gotta-dos”. So the question is: which should win?.

Well I know that opinions on this subject are very divided. The baby boomers out there will probably turnaround and say that you’ve got to do the gotta-dos first and then if you have time then you can get to the like-to-dos. The millennial generation who are known for puttting their lifestyle needs first will probably say that it is more important to do what you want first as if you don’t do what makes you happy at the outset chances are very good that you won’t be in the correct frame of mind to get what you need to done.

Ben and Roz Stander, authors of the book called the “Art of Possibility”, agree with the latter age group, to some extent. They say thet you need to prevent yourself from entering a downward spiral mentally as if you let your mind descend into this negative vortex, you won’t get yourself out of it Thus, your mind won’t be open to appreciating the wondrous possibilities that the world has to offer.

I must say that I agree with the Standers and millenials as if you aren’t in the right frame of mind to achieve , you won’t make headway with anything. Do you agree with me? Or are you more of a baby boomer?