A freelancer’s experiences of focusing on the positive

As a freelancer, I’ve always been a great believer in focusing on the positive in life, which is a trait that was instilled in me by my mother about 17 years ago.

At about this time in my life, I was in the process of finishing high school and the last thing on my mind was earning a living – let alone becoming a freelancer. In the middle of my Standard 9 year, I was diagnosed wth a brain tumour (it turned out to be a bit more than just a brain tumour in the years to come, but that’s a story for another day).

During the period in which I was recovering, my mother would not let anyone near me who dared to say anything negative.  Even if they had the worst possible news to give me, she stopped them at the door to find out what they were about to say. If it was negative in anyway, she would prevent them from saying what they had originally intended to and would make them concentrate on something positive. Her strategy worked and today I stand proud and strong as someone who is confident enough in herself and her abilities to become a freelancer.

I am a living testament to the power of positive thinking.  However, what amazes me is that so many people concentrate on what they don’t have while trying to Improve on their lives.

The famous (and for some, controversial) book – “The Secret” – talks about the fact that if you focus on positivity and gratitude, good things will flow into your life. However, if you highlight what you don’t have, you’ll  attract scarcity and loss into your life.

Peter Block, in the book “Community: The Structure of Belonging”, makes the interesting observation that whole industries – such as medicine and pharmacy – have been built on what is wrong with you, or what you’re lacking, and aim to ‘fix’ you. They’re not interested in what your capabilities are. A group of friends, on the flipside, will concentrate on your capabilities and attributes. Their focus is on what can do, that is your positive aspects,  which will result in you being built up rather then being broken down.

Somrthing to think about…