Just do it! Words of wisdom for the wannabe freelancer

No, I haven’t just become an ambassador for Nike. But what I’ve realised is that you can’t live your life with regrets. If you, for example, have always wanted to start your own business, what’s stopping you? If you want to do something in your life, you need to get off your bum and do it! If you don’t, you’ll always regret it. My inspiration for these controversial words? Enter Jacquie Somerville.

I recently downloaded Jacquie’s e-book – entitled Jacquie Somerville’s 6 Secrets To Kick-Ass Courage & Confidence – a boy am I glad that I did! Jacquie was born in South Africa and immigrated to Canada in the early 90s. The message – which I took home from her e-book – is: “Do you want to achieve your dream? Well stop complaining and get up off your b&^% and start doing to achieve your dreams and passions!” So how does this translate to the wannabe freelancer?

If you’ve in a full-time job – and have always been dreaming about being your own boss – or if you’ve been in freelance practice for a number of weeks or months, there’ve probably been a number of things that have been coursing through your mind. For example: for the people in full-time employment wanting to make a break into the scary freelance world, has probably been asking themselves if going freelance (even if it’s been your dream for a while) is the right decision to make. Or, if you’ve been a freelancer for a couple of weeks or months – and it’s been slower than expected or business has been non-existent – you’re probably asking yourself if you should go back to the corporate world. What is the answer? I don’t know what your particular circumstance is – possibly you’re the breadwinner for the family and you need to earn a certain amount of money per month – but all I can tell you about is my story.

I was fortunate enough to have parents, friends and family who encouraged me to pursue my dreams and ambitions. They told me that even if it’s stupid, you should go for it. The only proviso is that you must want it. You must want it passionately enough that you’re ready to give up anything for it.

And… I followed their advice – and they were right!