Sing hallelujah! Sister Act has come to the Joburg Theatre!

Taking its cue from the movie of the same name – which starred Whoopi Goldberg as lounge singer Delores van Catier – the stage production of Sister Act that is running currently at the Joburg Theatre is a treat for both young and old alike.

The storyline follows that of the movie for the most part – Delores witnesses a murder and needs to be hidden in a convent for her own protection. However, what gives this production it’s own character are the subtle nuances that only South Africans can give it. For example, one-liners – such as “How many Puertoricans does it take to screw in a light bulb?” “Juan” and “They mistook you for a drag queen Delores, ” says one of the gang. “An honest mistake remarks another member of the gang – really make the show.


The producers of the show have also taken the time to develop the storyline of the original movie to give the stage production it’s own unique identity. For example, in the movie an attraction
is alluded to between Delores and the policeman who is assigned to protect her while in the stage production the attraction is developed into a fully fledged romance.

My husband and I roared with laughter from beginning to end and would thoroughly recommend going to see this production. You won’t be disappointed!