De Molen: the perfect pancake

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Wanting to do something special for my husband’s birthday in March this year, I asked him what he wanted to do. The day falling on a Saturday, he decided that he wanted to go for pancakes for breakfast.

Being a dedicated Zomatoian, I plugged “pancskes” into the app and it said that De Molen in Edenvale was one of the best places to have pancakes in Johannesburg.

Unfortunately, we were not able to go to De Molen in March but got the opportunity to go there last week when we were in the neighbourhood.

We had gotten up early last Friday to make a trip to Home Affairs, having been assured that the Edenvale branch is by far the best branch in the Greater Johannesburg region.

Having gotten out of the government office in less than half an hour, we decided that since we were in the neighbourhood we would go to De Molen, the pancake house that we had heard so much about.

The day was cold and the wind nipped at our ankles as we rushed up De Molen’s windy staircase.

We were greeted with a typical German ambience and were uplifted by the scents of delcious coffee – which we ordered immediately to ward off the cold.

My husband had the Dutch apple pancakes – which you can see below. (I’m not sure why it has such a blue tinge – possibly it had something to do with the lighting. )


As I wasn’t that hungry, I decided to sample two pastries.

The first was billed as a marzipan log. Being a fan of marzipan, I thought that it would be a solid piece of marzipan. I was disappointed to find that it only had a coating of marzipan with the inside filed with vanilla cake and a strawberry mousse of sorts- not my favourite.


I also tried the hazellino cupcake-ish pastry. The hazelnut cream inside this is very delcious and the fact that the hazellino is coated with sugar crystals – and not any type of doughy confectionery – is a pleasant surprise. However, it’s extremely rich.


I think that De Molen has potential and will reserve judgement until I try it again…