A great evening out at the theatre with The Full Morty

I am very privileged to be on the new media list for the Joburg Theatre. As part of this amazing bunch of people, I am invited to all the new shows that are put on at the theatre.

On Thursday evening last week, my husband and I were invited to watch The Full Morty at the Fringe at the Joburg Theatre. I misread the invitation when it came through – and Tweeted about #thefullmonty all evening even though Jodene Shaer at the Chat Factory had told me that the hashtag was #thefullmorty –  and merrily told him that we were going to see a stage production of The Full Monty. He looked at me quizzically, wondering what he would be letting himself in for and expected to be highly embarrassed at a number of middle-aged men taking their clothes off, but agreed to come with me.

We arrived at the theatre – got our tickets as well as the goodie bag from Placecol, who were  co-sponsoring the production –  and took our seats. The lights dimmed and music – reminiscent of The Full Morty movie – started to play.

Out came Morty Williams and – to the visible relief of my husband – he didn’t start to take off his clothes. Instead,  for the next hour, he entertained us with his take on the differences between men and women. Here are some of my favourite one-liner snapshots from the show:

*  The South African definition for a GHD: gladde hare device…
*  A man pursues  a woman he has his eye on like a cheetah stalking its prey!
*  A dad’s experience of shopping with his little one? Tiny little terrorist in your trolley…

Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and laughed till we had tears in our eyes. We would highly recommend seeing this show – you’ll be guaranteed a good evening out filled with a lot of laughs!