Fusion sushi at its best at Hashi in Rosebank

Click to add a blog post for Hashi on Zomato This past Friday, my husband came home after work and announced: “Get dressed: I’m taking you out!” Knowing better to ask where he was taking me, as he likes to surprise me, I asked: “So, how should I get dressed?”

“Smart casual,” he replied. And with that he went off, waiting for me to change my outfit.

We headed off to Rosebank and, after about a half an hour of walking around the shops, he asked me where I would like to go and have supper. “We could go to Doppio,” he suggested, looking at me expectantly.

“What about going to 5o Hashi?” I returned.

“I was hoping that you’d say that!” he replied with a big smile.

So, off we went to Hashi.

For starters, we had a portion of their chicken spring rolls. These were beautifully light and crispy. Instead of being served with the usual sweet chilli sauce, these were served with  a tomato-based ragu, which was a nice change.


We also had a portion of the dim sum. These were were tasty, with the outer casing being perfectly steamed and not chewy.


But, for both of us, the piece de resistance was definitely the fusion sushi.

We tried the special tiger, special dragon, the crunch roll, the spicy crunch salmon as well as the Anari  (apologies, in advance, for the spelling!


I usually steer clear of fruit in sushi but my husband ordered a portion of sushi with bits of mango and strawberry added into the roll – you can  see it in the middle of the picture above – and together with an almost gingery sauce  that came on top of the roll, it was absolutely delcious! That combo was definitely my favourite.

Even though we were EXTREMELY full after this, we found some space for dessert. (Let’s face it: there’s always space for chocolate! )


We orders the chocolate brownie. However, if you like a gooey chocolate brownie – as we do – you’ll be a bit disappointed as it is a bit dry. However, when you mix it with the ice cream that they serve with it, you won’t notice it.

Hashi is a bit on the expensive side but not horrifically so and the service is outstanding. It’s definitely worth every penny!