How to become a freelance professional speaker in South Africa

I’ve just read a very interesting article on Forbes, which was written by Dorie Clark, entitled How to become a Successful Motivational Speaker. In it, she speaks to professional speaker, Chris Widener, about his tip tips to becoming a professional speaker.

In this article, he doesn’t give many tips about the actual nuts and bolts of becoming a professional speaker – except that one probably needs to start out by giving free low-key talks (which was what I was looking for information about).

However, the advice he did he give is significant to all freelancers in any given industry. Here’s what I think is most relevant.

Become a top content creator

Over the years, the Internet had become to go-to place to find information on absolutely anything, from the number of a local plumber to how to grow jasmine cuttings into fully fledged plants.

So, it stands to reason that if people are looking for all the information that they need on the Internet they will also be looking there when they want to find a freelancer like you. The more content that you create, the more content that there will be out there for people to find – makes sense, doesn’t it…?

Become a social media demon

Social media has been the life saver of many a freelancer as it is a free platform for us to promote our work and services on. By free I mean that there is not cost involved to signing up to these various platforms, however, you will have to pay with your time and effort. But if you do put in what you need to your business will take off and soar – to new heights.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

The economic times still aren’t as rosy as they were before the recession. This means that if you, as a freelancer, have multiple marketable skills you should leverage these all to earn your income as if you concentrate on only one income stream – and this dries up – you could find yourself being high and dry very quickly.

The biggest mistake that any freelancer can make is not treating like themselves as a business because if this doesn’t happen the greatness that you could achieve will never happen…