Tei Avon: Simple, delicious food – all served with a smile

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Tei Avon in the Victory Park Shopping Centre is one of our favourite restaurants on Johannesburg. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons.

Attention to detail

The moment you sit down, you are presented with a selection of bread sticks – which they make by crisping up their day-old pita bread – as well as a selection of dips, ranging from a tomato salsa to aubergines and chillies. Definitely a delectable way to curb your hunger while l you peruse the menu!


Excellent customer service

Tei Avon really hits the mark when it comes to their wait staff. They always remember you and every time you arrive you are made to feel like old friends.

They are attentive and sense what you want. They won’t bother you if you want to sit in the restaurant for a couple of hours nursing a coffee and catching up on paperwork. They won’t try to get you to order as much as you can because they know that if they do this, chances are slim that you’ll be back.

Tasty food

Both my husband and I have stock favourites when we go to Tei Avon.

I’ll usually go for the tuna salad with extra feta. This is an unusual salad as it is prepared without lettuce and the cucumber and tomatoes are finely diced.  The dressing is a balsamic reduction.


My husband will either go with a chicken tramezzini or one of their pitas. Both are very hearty and full of flavour. They are very fulling and he always ends up taking some home.


The prices aren’t bad and you won’t walk out feeling that you’ve been ripped off.

Next time you’re in the Victory Park Shopping Centre, do yourself a favour and try Tei Avon!