Col Cacchio: they’ve got it right!

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Despite being a restaurant chain, Col Cacchio has managed to keep the individual flavour of their restaurants without your dining experience ending up feeling like a fast food joint. For example, I’ve always felt that their branch in the Blue Bird Shopping Centre has quite a trendy vibe while others of their branches – for example the one in Hyde Park – has always felt very chilled and relaxed. And this is what was going though my mind this past week…

On Tuesday, I had to go to  a conference in Pretoria and my husband picked me up from the Rosebank Gautrain station at about 6pm. As he was navigating out of the station, he asked me: “So, do you feel like going out for supper?” My tired brain perked up as this suggestion and – having been thinking about Col Cacchio a lot recently, and how we hadn’t been there for  a while – I readily agreed and off we went to the Hyde Park branch of Col Cacchio, a favourite mid-week supper venue of ours.

As both of us were famished, we delved straight into mains. I had the brioso salad and added chicken, which is one of the variations that Col Cacchio offers for this dish. The chicken was beautifully tender and the beetroot and butternut complimented the protein wonderfully.


My husband had the smoky babe pizza, the main constituent of the topping was pork ribs. He thoroughly enjoyed it and took half of it home for lunch the next day.


We ended off our meal with a round of coffees and, my all-time favourite, chocolate brownies! Col Cacchio definitely makes the best chocolate brownies out  – crunchy on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside. Best of all? Oozing with chocolatey goodness…

I have been to a number of branches of Col Cacchio and have never had a bad meal. The one at Hyde Park just happens to be my favourite. So whenever you’re in an unfamiliar place and don’t know where to go and eat, if there’s a Col Cacchio there you are sure to have a good meal!