Helen’s Cakes in Craighall: Cakes to die for!

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A couple of days ago, I had two things on my mind. One: I had to finish my last LLB assignment for the semester. 2: I needed to get out of the house – fast!

So, I packed my books into the back of my car and started to drive… Needing to get some stuff at the Valley Centre, I first made my way there. As I was waiting at the robots to turn into Jan Smuts, I looked up at quite an innocuous-looking building. And – right in front of me – was the following sign: “Helen’s Cakes Deli and Coffee Shop now open!”

I thought that this was sign that my prayers had been answered – both figuratively and literally – so I made my way there thinking that “deli” on the sign meant that there would be something on the menu- other than cake – to eat.

So, I drew up to the centre and parked. I followed the sign that said ” Helen’s Cakes” and was directed to the deli as I had inadvertently arrived at the wholesale cake -distribution outlet.

As I walked into the deli, my senses were assaulted – both my eyes and my nose – by the delicious array of cakes. Everything from macaroons to carrot cake… Joe, own of the proprietors, came to ask me what I wanted. I enquired if there was anything savoury on the menu, to which I received a negative response and a quesrion: “Can I get you a nice slice of cake instead?”

My die-hard banter’s head screamed “no!” but my carb-loving Italian soul screamed “yes! ” So I ended up having a piece of carrot cake – Joe managed to twist my rubber arm with his affable nature and amazing coffee!

All I can say is that piece of carrot cake is so good that it will make even the most die-hard of banters question their nutrition decisions – even if it’s for a little bit! Go on – try them. I dare you…