Burn the Floor: Fire in the Ballroom!

My husband and I had been waiting to see Burn the Floor – a Dirty Dancing-esque take on traditional ballroom dancing – for ages. And when the invitation to see it at the Joburg Theatre arrived, I immediately RSVP’ed that we’d go – even though the show was for a Wednesday night! Unfortunately, the show has concluded its run at the Mandela, but here’s sneak preview of what you can expect from this show next time it comes to town.

The original concept behind Burn the Floor

Burn the Floor is the brain child of Harley Medcalf who was inspired to develop the show based on his introduction to the world of ballroom dancing  at Sir Elton John’s 50th Birthday Party in 1997. Until then, ballroom and Latin dancing had been performed in a very ‘civilised’ and ‘proper’ manner. Harley’s ideas of turning this world on its head initially sent shockwaves through the community and – from what I have read in the programme – he met with resistance. (This was before the days of the likes of Strictly Come Dancing.)

Burn the Floor today

Today, Burn the Floor is an electrifying mix of all forms of ballroom and Latin dancing – from the stately waltz to the energetic West Coast Swing and the Sultry Tango. The incredible dancers perform to popular ballades sung by two accomplished singers. There is also a percussion band that provides the music. Every single person on that stage is passionate about what they do and you can see this is every single move that they make. Dancing is their life’s work and they have spent their lives crafting their passion.

Both my husband and I were blown away when the show finished and were talking about it for days after that. Although we’d never be as good as the Burn the Floor dancers, this show has inspired us to take up where we left off in our dancing training! Next time it comes to Joburg, go and watch it!