The life of a freelancer can be very lonely

The life of a freelancer can, at times, be glamorised  – a lot – especially in your own mind when you’re working for a boss you can’t stand at a job you can’t stand even more. You think wistfully of managing your own time, working when you want to and not being forced to be behind your computer for a certain amount of hours a day, and not having to waste precious hours of your life in traffic.

Yes, these are the perks of being a freelancer but the flipside is that being a freelancer – especially working from home and if you live alone – can be extremely lonely.

“But I enjoy being by myself!”

Fair enough – you say this now when you’re working at an office, on a daily basis surrounded by people. And you may enjoy the total solitude for a time. However, you will get to  a point when you crave being around people. Unfortunately, this craving for human interaction will start to affect your work negatively sooner rather than later.

How to avoid this situation
Get active

Studies have shown that physical exercise increases your mental health so allowing you to become more productive and creative,  so showing your clients that they can’t live without your services  – something that all freelancers should aspire to. So join your local gym, join a running club or start walking with your best  friend – it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you enjoy it and don’t duck!

Becomes best mates with your local coffee shop owner

When I simply need to get out of the house, but I need to work as well, I pack up my laptop and head to my favourite coffee shop. The owner knows me and is happy to let me sit and work in his establishment for hours on end. Try looking on Zomato under the “coffee shop offices” section to find your nearest coffee shop who are happy to host freelancers.

Get onto social media

Social media forums – such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – provide great arenas for you to find other freelancers with whom you can chat, network and – ultimately – make friends with as you would in a physical office environment. Give it a try  – you never know who you’ll find!