Voodoo Lilly Café: a banter’s dream

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If someone doesn’t tell you about Voodoo Lilly Café, chances are very good that you won’t know that it exists as this restaurant is nestled in the heart of suburban Birdhaven next to a handful of shops. It’s off the beaten track of most people. As far as I’m concerned, this must be one of Johannesburg’s best-kept secrets in terms of restaurants. Here’s why I think so.

Voodoo Lilly Café caters to all sorts of diets – from the usual, run-of-the-mill appetites right down to banting. And just because it’s banting doesn’t mean that it adheres to the diet’s principles and compromises on taste. Far from it! The flavours are delicate and are well put together. Take a look at come of these pictures I took when my husband and I went there for breakfast a couple of weeks ago:

Baxter's Breakfast

Baxter’s Breakfast

My husband had the Baxter’s Breakfast, which consists of two medium poached eggs with salmon, spinach, mushrooms and roasted cherry tomatoes.

Sharky's Poached Eggs

Sharky’s Poached Eggs

I had the Sharky’s Poached Eggs, which consists of two medium poached effs served on sliced avo topped with bacon, sprinkled with Danish feta, rocket and served with a side of hollandaise sauce.

For those who have dogs, Voodoo Lilly Café’s menu features items especially tailored to our canine friends. These include puppy biscuits as well as sliced, organic chicken breasts as well as organic chicken livers.

One black mark that I would give Voodoo Lilly Café is that when it gets busy inside becomes very noisy, so much so that it’s very difficult to hear the other people at your table. However, even when there are a lot of people, service isn’t compromised and the wait staff keep a beady eye on their customers.

Voodoo Lilly Café is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and – from quick glance at the menu – it looks like the rest of the cuisine is as exquisite as the breakfast fare. I would certainly recommend this restaurant!