A message to all freelancers: overcome your fears

I wrote this post last week, during the ‘lull’ period between Christmas and New Year. I hope that it provides you some inspiration as you head out into the new year.


It’s been incredibly hot here in Joburg  these last couple of weeks so this past weekend my husband and I went to my parents’ house to have a swim.  Now, for as long as I can  remember, their pool has been about the temperature of the Atlantic ocean so I – who has always found it extremely difficult to get into cold water – must have been very hot to have even have agreed to venture near said pool.

Having psyched myself up to get in, I sat on the side of the pool with my feet dangling in.  My husband piped up: “Just dive on and swim a couple of laps. Your body will adjust to the temperature of the water after that.”

My eyes drifted to a lanyard on the side of the pool that had a set of keys attached to it. On the lanyard was the Nike slogan “Just do it!” And that got me thinking.

I know that I’ve written about procrastinating beforehand – read my post entitled Just do it! Words of wisdom for the wannabe freelancer – but I thought that it would be a good idea to revisit the subject seeing that it is such a critical time of the year when many of us look back on the year that is about to close, evaluate what we’ve done and make plans for what we’re going to do differently in the future.

I think that many of us – freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees alike – are like me with the cold pool when it comes to starting out any ventures in life. We are scared to start as we’re afraid of how we are going to feel when we begin on the road to achieving what we want to set out. Out of fear, we question: “Is the cold water/new venture going to be too much for us to bear?” “Is the cold water/new venture going to be too much for us that we are on pain?”

We shouldn’t fear pain. Pain is a sign that we are growing. And when we grow our lives become so much richer, yielding experiences that we would never have thought possible.

So, my advice is to jump. Face your fears and do it anyway. If you don’t jump you’ll never know what possibilities you have missed out on if you hadn’t taken the leap.  If you don’t like it remember that you can always get out. But give it a chance.