Freddie Mercury lives on! #itsakindamagic

I must admit, when it comes to thr music of Queen I can’t say that I am their greatest fan. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy listening to their music but if I had the choice I would prefer to listen to a Queen CD rather than going to a concert. But when the invitation to go and see Queen: It’s a kinda magic at the Joburg Theatre I jumped at the opportunity – and opened my mind to experiencing new things – as the Joburg Theatre productions never disappoint.

Produced by John Van Grinsven Snr – who heads up Showtime Management – Giles Taylor takes the lead role of Freddie Mercury. As Giles belts out Queen’s ballades, he is supported by a four-member band. The members are: Richie Baker, Brian May, John Deacon and – our very own South African boytjie – Steven Dennet.

This production has fired up in me a new appreciation for Queen’s music so much so that by the second act I was on my feet with the rest of the Queen aficionados jamming along to songs that I barely know. Giles’ portrayal if Freddie is so lifelike that you would be forgiven if you thought that Freddie Mercury had really been alive all these years, living it up on a private island somewhere, getting ready for his comeback!

It seems that most of the audience felt the same way I do. Here is some of the fedback from an ecstatic audience:



So if you’re a Queen fan – or just enjoy listening to good music – I really recommend going to see .  It’s on at the Joburg Theatre until 7 February. So book your tickets now!