What to do when you lose one of your clients


It’s the freelancer’s worst nightmare: that awkward e-mail or phone call from one of your best clients in which they say that they are very sorry but owing to a number of reasons they can no longer  keep taking advantage of your services.  It’s nothing to do with you – it’s because of circumstances having changed in their company.  They actually think that your services are outstanding. So how should you react?  How should you feel?

First if all, don’t take it to heart. It’s not a bad reflection on you. Don’t discount thst client – they’re not a dead end. Keep in touch with them and – if circumstances change – you are the first person they will contact. And if you keep in touch with them and keep on their top of mind, chances are very good that they will also recommend you to their colleagues who need to take advantage of your services.

In the meantime…

Keep up with keeping yourself out there. Keep up with your blog, social media activities and attending networking functions. You may have lost one client but there are many other potential clients out there. But you won’t find them if you stay at home behind your computer and bemoan your fate. You are the owner of your own business and its up to you to bring in the business. There’s no other way that business will come into your hands.

I’m not saying that you’ll never lose any clients – that’s the way business goes. However,  it’s up to you what you do with it. I leave you with words of wisdom, from Colin Sprake, on how to retain customers. I’d love to hear what you think.