Leadership2020 2016 presents “The Billionaire Generation Convention”

I am passionate about entrepreneurship. Everyone who reads this blog knows that. I am a firm believer that for the people of this country to succeed and prosper, everyone needs to take a firm grasp of their future and make something of it for themselves. You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to do this. Even if you’re employed by someone else, you can adopt an entrepreneurial spirit towards your job and approach it with a sense of innovation, dedication and passion.

Leadership2020 – which is putting on this event – is all about this. This organisation is about teaching South Africans to have an entrepreneurial spirit so that they can soar. So I did a bit of research into The Billionaire Generation Convention and I got goosebumps. Here’s a bit about this event.

Taking place over 4 consecutive days Leadership 2020 invites Entrepreneurs who are Born To Lead to register for this life-changing experience. The Convention is designed to concentrate on what is of critical importance to Entrepreneurs in Africa: creating a space where value can be extracted and leaders can strengthen their network with valuable connections and relationships that strengthen their networth.

Below is information on the four-day programme:

Thursday 30th June:

  • The Inner Millionaire Preview with Andrew Barsa. Join Andrew Barsa for a three-hour hour talk on the psychology around wealth.
  • How is your relationship with money?
  • Learn from author, researcher and 2020 leader, Timothy Maurice Webster how your brain relates to the subject matter around money, plus get a glimpse of his new book on the brain, branding & personal influence.

Friday 1st July: 

  • The Winners Dinner with distinguished iconic guests. Join us for a colourful evening of inspired talk , live performances and 5-Star cuisine, with an African Network of success in the room.
  • Limited seating, strictly advance booking only.

Saturday 2nd July 

  • I Was Born To Speak, Public Speaking Academy with Dr John Tibane, Linda Ntuli and special guests from the broadcasting industry.
  • Develop Your Public Speaking Prowess with the best in the business at the #IWBTS academy. This session is focused on Personality, Power and Performance.
  • Learn what has to move inside of you for the Public Speaker in you to come out!

Sunday 3rd July 

  • The Sunday Circle #MoveAfrica Conference. A delightfully crafted mix of inspiration, knowledge and entertainment wrapped up into 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon.
  • We offer a VIP luncheon as well as an opportunity to meet & network with the speakers and leaders of the future before the show.
  • Bring your family and friends as Sunday Circle is a people movement.

Click here to see what Sunday Circle #MoveAfrica conference 2015 was like.

Email events@sundaycircle.co.za for more information or call 011 083 5323

I have two tickets for the first day of the Billionaire Convention on Thursday 30 June that are valued at R350. E-mail me on lia@lmls.co.za to stand a chance to win!