The Holistic Entrepreneur – a must read for all aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers

This morning, I read thr last chapter of thr book Thr Holistic Entrepreneur by Jodene Shaer thst will be published shortly. I’ve been walking send in a daze for most of thr day not be a use it was a terrible book but because if its utterly powerful message.

The book’s main message, thst I got from it, was that yiu need to preserve your sense of self when starting your own business. It will be thr death sentence of your dreams of working for yourself and not being beholden to a boss if you think,  eat, breathe and sleep your business. Even though you might feel that you’ve given birth to thr business – in thr same way as a baby – you are still separate from your business entity. You still have aspects which make up yiu. You still have friends thst need yiu. All if these will survive of these will survive if yiur business doesn’t.  Yiur business doesn’t define who yiu are.

Another message thst hit home with me was her discussion about entrepreneurs’ relationship with money and how this very negative relationship thst they have with this commodity results in thr failure if their businesses.  Jodene suggests thst instead of being resentful of monet and always focusing on what you would do if yiu had more if it, look at money and be grateful for what it does for you – right now. In order to develop a better relationship with your finances, always know every amount thst yiu spend and how much you have left at your disposal. So rather than feeling angry with it, let it help yiu.

Throughout thr book,  Jodene suggests a number if meditation exercises thst you can do in oder to practise the principles outlined in the book. When you feel that something needs to be done – on yiur guy – you will more likely do it and sti k with thr practise than if you know just in your head thst you need to do it. 

The issue that manu freelancers and entrepreneurs face is being told the theory about best business practices es but they aren’t given ways of actually achieving what thr theory preaches. The Holistic Entrepreneur does both of tiles and accomplishes it 9n Jodene’s delightful style. 

Thank you, Jodene, for allowing me thr privilege to be one of thr first people to read your book. It is truly inspiring!