What I love most about being a freelancer 

What I lovw moat about being a freelancer

When I was a 9 to 5’er, there were many times during thr day when I would stop and wish for the opportunity to work in my own home, with only my laptop for company. Freelancing wasn’t  a conscious decision for me – it metaphorically fell into my lap and the stars have since aligned in order for me to make a success of it. However, it’s not a decision that I bemoan every day, asking the proverbial “why did it happen to me?” .Being a freelancer is something that I am truly grateful for,  everyday.  Here’s why.

I am the master of my own time

One thing that I always felt trapped about,  when working for someone else,  was the necessity to be at my desk, in the office, for 8 hours a day. Being a creative person, and writing for a living,  sometimes this would work and I would be creative but other times, the creative juices would just not flow and I would spend hours clicking send and receive on my Outlook waiting for inspiration to hit.

Now, if I feel that working isn’t just working for me, I get out. I go to the gym. I go to my favourite coffee shop to work. This, I’d never have been able to do if I was not my own boss.

I get to run my business the way I want to

When you work for someone else, you have to promote their business and work in their organisation according to the vision that they have set for their company. You can’t go against this – it’s one of the unwritten rules that you sign into when you agree to work for someone else. 

What I love about running my own gig is that I am thr master of my own operation. I get to decide what I do, what jobs I take on and how I get to conduct business. This is one of the most exciting aspects for me as a freelancer as I get to choose my own path.  No one is telling me what to do – I am the master if my own destiny. 

As with anything there are always pros and cons to the decisions that you take. However if you set your mind to achieving success on your freelance life you’ll do it – despite the naysayers.