Tips on how to be a successful freelancer

My 3 top tips for freelance success

I’ve been asked – many, many times – what the secret to my freelance success is. The truth of the matter is that my career as and editor freelancer didn’t soar overnight. There were – and still are – teething problems that I have to deal with, on a daily basis. However, what I have learned is that if you have certain systems in place, success is more likely to come your way than if you operate your business in a very disorganised manner. Here are my top 3 tips for freelance success.


  • Have an online presence


Google is the Yellow Pages of the 21st century. If you can’t be found online, you mind as well not bother. There are numerous free platforms that you can use to get your brand out there. These are, for example:



So expensive web design is no excuse!


Once you have your website up, promote, promote, promote! A website is of no use unless – when people type their search queries into Google – it comes up on the first page. Once of the easiest ways of doing this is through social media platfroms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But don’t worry: you don’t have to have an active presence on every single social media platform out there. Choose two or three that are relevant to you.


  • Know how much you charge


For a product, this is easy as your costs are easily determinable. For example, you know how much your raw materials cost, how much the wages – of the people who manufactured your products – are, etc.


However, for a services – such as writing or editing – this becomes a bit more difficult as you come to a situation where you don’t have any tangible raw materials – only your time. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to charge a fair rate for your services as – especially if you’re new in the market – there’s always the risk of you undercharging simply because you want the work. Don’t fall into this trap! Everyone can differentiate themselves on price – you have to find something else that makes you different.


A great invoice app to use is Invoice2Go. For more information, follow this link.


Graphic attribute: Invoice2Go

Graphic attribute: Invoice2Go

  • Measure your output


Especially if you’re charging by the hour, you need to have a foolproof method of measuring how much time you spend on everything that you do. Also, you need to have access to this data so that you can see what is taking up your time and – if it isn’t generating you revenue or other tangible benefits – if y0u can lessen the time you spend doing this.


I use Toggl as it’s very easy to use and allows me to generate reports on the time that I’ve spent on various clients’ work.


If you would like to see what services I offer as a freelancer, please follow this link.