This pciture depicts the Starbucks logo

Starbucks: A very cool vibe

For as long as I can remember, Starbucks has been the ultimate in coffee. Every single movie I’ve ever watched has always had at least one scene where one of the characters is holding a Starbucks coffee cup. Although we have excellent coffee shops in South Africa which have almost the same vibe – think Vida e Caffe and Motherland Coffee – I’ve always hankered after experiencing the Starbucks vibe. Well, last week I got my wish…


Starbucks officially came to South Africa in April 2016, and the brand was brought over by Taste Holdings. The first location that they set up shop in was Rosebank. Gav and I were privileged enough to experience their flagship store last week Thursday at the launch of their new Gingerbread latte just in time for Christmas.


Christmas goodies at the Starbucks in Rosebank

On the vibe


The minute you walk into the store, you feel like you’ve been transported into somewhere hip and happening in New York. There décor is very clean and minimalistic, with lots of exposed brick work and glass. One half of the store is dedicated to the coffee machines and food area while the other is filled with work stations with Ikea-ish looking furniture. Being a freelance editor and writer myself, and in love with coffee shop offices, I could see why Starbucks has earned the reputation as the number one coffee shop office worldwide.


On the food


On the night, we were treated to a selection of snacks from the Starbucks range. My favourites were:


  •  A mini-omlette, as well as


#Spinach and #feta #omlette #zomatoxstarbucks

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  • A chicken stack of sorts.


#Cheese, #chicken, #basil and #tomato stack #zomatoxstarbucks

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On the gingerbread latte


I must say that I’m not usually a fan of flavoured coffees, but this gingerbread latte was delicious! I was expecting it to be sickly sweet and very artificially tasting, but with the first sip all I got were the gingerbread cookies that my gran used to make. They also have it is a freezo, so that’s the next one I’m going to try!


Thank you, #ZomatoXStarbucks for introducing us to your fabulous store. I shall be spending many, productive working hours there – armed with my gingerbread coffee!