My golden rule for facebook

My golden rule to Facebook

In one of my previous posts – My Secret Formula to Twitter Success – I recount an analogy that a presenter (at a conference I had attended) had made about Twitter. (He likened Twitter to a cocktail party where one shares snippets of information with the other guests who you happen to meet and exchange business cards with. Facebook is what happens after the cocktail party where you learn more about each other.)
Facebook is the hallway conversation


Internationally recognised leader in digital communications, digital transformation, social media and marketing – Scott Monty – describes Facebook as the ‘hallway conversation’. What I interpret this to mean is that Twitter is where you meet potential business partners and Facebook is where you get to know them better. It is the proverbial golf game.
Let me illustrate this with an experience of my own.


For ages, I’ve been following certain lifestyle bloggers on Twitter. I’ve interacted with them by commenting on their Tweets and sharing these. They’ve recognised this and have followed me back (extremely bad English, but this is the terminology adopted…) . And, slowly but surely, we’ve gotten to know a bit about each other.


Wanting to connect with them on a more person-to-person basis, I’ve connected with them on Facebook and have learned more about them as you can share more (in other words you aren’t limited to 140 characters) on Facebook.
We’ve virtually gotten to know each other and – when we bump into each other at events – we pick up conversation as if we had only seen each other yesterday when, in fact, we’d last seen each other at an event six months ago!


It’s about building your brand awareness


I use Facebook to build my brand awareness. I not only show people what I do but who I am as a person as being a service provider, I know that my clients buy into me and how I sell my services when they decide to take me on as a service provider.
GoPro – one of the fastest-growing camera brands in the world – also uses Facebook to build their brand awareness. Watch this video to find out how they do it.



Be careful what you say


As great as Facebook is at building awareness of your brand, it can be equally as great at destroying it.


The reason for this, say corporate law firm Michalsons, is that “A fundamental feature of social media is that there is a distinct lack of control of the conversation, especially when compared to more traditional means of marketing. But it is this exact element that makes it so powerful.”
So be careful of what you say on social media as this could make or break your business, or worse land you in legal hot water as many have found out.


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