#JoziWineRoute Comes to Town 

It was a very normal Wednesday afternoon – sitting and working at my fave coffee shop office Dolci Café. And then I got the phone call from my favourite Zoman Justin. He offered me two tickets to #JoziWineRoute that night… So I got on the phone to my sista from another mista and off we went!


The #JoziWineRoute took place in 4th Avenue, Parkhurst on 1 March

Thankfully the rain gave us a bit of a respite so that we alert able to amble around tasting the various offerings from the wine farms who had made the trek up to Jozi. They had set up tables at a variety of restaurants in 4th Avenue,  from Coobs to Vovo Telo.


When we arrived we were issued with a map of where we would be able to find the tastings as well as a glass which looked more like a whiskey glass rather than a wine glass but I enjoyed the fact that the organisers had thought of the surroundings and had the insight that this type of glass would fare better than would a delicate tasting glass.


The #JoziWineRoute had a good variety of wines on offer


The ranged from the well-known such as Vondeling and Waterford Estate to to the less well-known such as Survivor Wines. We were very interested to try Survivor Wines from the Overhex Region. They are extremely good value for money and are very pleasant on the palate. Click here to go to their website.


My bestie and I were having SO much fun that I totally forgot to take any pics and when I did remember, most of the stalls had closed down. Here is a collage of some of my memories of the evening.


#JoziWineRoute comes to town


My fellow SMI  – @gpboozyfoodie – took some really stunning ones photos. Here are some from her Instagram feed:




The great thing us that this isn’t a once-off thing. The #JoziWineRoute will take place again at various times during 2017.  Visit their website for more information.