#Madex17 and #Markex17: a must-attend event for marketers!

Today, I was priviledged to attend a behind-the-scenes sneak peak of #Madex17 and #Markex17. This was kindly arranged by Jodene Shaer of Chat Factory.   This agency is the official social media partner of this exhibition. Amid the flurry of last-minute stand-building, other social media influencers and I got a glimpse into what makes a exhibition of this magnitude tick.

Work in progress at #Madex2017 and #Markex2017!

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The beginnings of #Markex17

When #Markex17 began – almost 30 years ago – it’s focus was on promoting products and services the marketing profession as a whole would benefit from. However, as the years went on, the exhibition changed. Its focus morphed into being concentrated on products that can be branded. Examples are keyrings, lanyards, pens and the like.

This year, the organisers took the bold decision to make the distinction clear between the two facets of the industry. In other words between the marketing services side of the industry – enter #Madex17 – and the promotional products.

Why spilt #Madex17 from #Markex17?

Executives from Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery, part of Montgomery Group, say that the reason for separating the annual marketing exhibition is people are looking for marketing industry insights. They are also looking to glean knowledge from experts in addition to finding out what new and exciting products are on the market in terms of branded items.

To this end, there is a stellar line-up of speakers who will take the stage. They will be ready to share their insights and pearls of wisdom. Big industry names such as Ogilvy will share the stage with luminary freelancers. Copywriter and editor Tiffany Markman will chat about the state of the freelance industry at the moment.

If you are near the Sandton Convention Centre either tomorrow or on Thursday, and you’re in the marketing industry, I’d really recommend that you drop in on #Madex17 and #Markex17. (If you do go, GO to the Scan Display stand. They have an awesome new AR (augmented relaity) experience that will change the way conferences are held.) If you pre-register, entrance to the exhibition is free. So sign up today!