DYME Beauty App: #BeautyOnDemand

Last week Friday, I was privileged enough to review the new app called the DYME Beauty App. The concept of this app is very similar to that of the popular car service Uber. Say, for instance, you want your legs waxed – like I did. You’ll go into your DYME Beauty App and will select that you want your legs waxed.

You’re then prompted to fill in the address where you want your treatment done (you can get it done at your home or at the office, if your boss doesn’t mind!) as well as your preferred method of payment (cash or credit card).

Before the treatment, I was very impressed to see that I was sent an sms with my artist’s location and expected time of arrival. This allowed me to be ready for her when she arrived.

My artist’s name was Thandi Phinda. She was very professional and has a great sense of humour – something that you need during a wax!

I must say that this was possibly the best wax I’ve ever had! Even after a week, I’ve had next to no hair re-growth. (After this amount of time, I usually have the beginnings of some stubble appearing around my knees.) This is because she applied a post-waxing treatment that inhibits hair re-growth. I am definitely going to be getting some of this!

The DYME Beauty App is a great way to keep up with your beauty routine while – at the same time – saving you time. When you download the app, you’ll get R150 off your first booking. All you need to do is quote the voucher code DYME150.

Enter the Unvarnished Pamper Party Competition to stand a chance to win the ultimate luxury pamper night experience. Find out more on the DYME Beauty App Instagram or their Facebook page.