Fusionista Beauty and Super Spa

Step into another world with Fusionista Beauty and Super Spa

When we first moved into our area, we didn’t feel like cooking one night. So, hubby jumped onto Google and found Fusionista. Being just down the road, we decided to get into the car and check it out.

And we weren’t sorry that we did!

Fusionista’s fare is a blend of Asian cuisines, in other words, Thai, Chinese and Japanese. And it has the flavour profile to convert an non-lover of Asian cuisine into their biggest fan! Since we first visited, Fusionista has become one of our favourite restaurants.

Being a lover of spa treatments (especially me!) hubby and I were interested to see that Fusionista also has a beauty spa. This estalblishment in not-your-run-of-the-mill treatments . But what makes this like no other spa is that you feel that you’re entering another world as soon as you walk in the door.

We first tried out Fusionista Beauty and Super Spa on my birthday last year when hubby booked us a full-day spa treatment. So, when it came to his birthday yesterday, I decided to treat him to a 60-minute Thai back massage.

The experience at Fusionista

Because it was hubby’s special day, we were treated it the Koi Room. This is their creme de la creme of rooms. Your treatment beds are positioned above a koi pond on a sheet of plate glass. So while you’re having your treatment you can watch the fish going about their business, which strangely enough adds to the relaxation element.

The soundtrack that you listen to while you’re having your massage is that of a tropical jungle with birds calling and various other jungle life. Just in front of the beds is a water feature which smokes as does a waterfall when it falls.

The treatments are absolutely heavenly! My therapist worked deep into my neck muscles – which I should be regularly stretching, as I work on a computer daily, however I don’t – and relieved the tension and headaches that have been building up over the last couple of months. I slept like an absolute baby last night!

If you need a slice of relaxation, I recommend that you try some of the treatments that Fusionista Spa has to offer. Here is their website. You won’t be sorry that you did!