Relaxing 101 for a freelancer

The art of doing nothing: a challenge for freelancers

As I write this, it’s the end of the Easter weekend. I made the conscious decision to press ‘pause’ for the past four days. Not for religious reasons but for the simple reason that I needed to regain some head space. A challenge for many freelancers such as myself.

I have done, what I haven’t allowed myself the time to do is to do whatever I’ve wanted to do – be it watch Showmax, bead or play Scrabble on my phone. (Which, I’m not ashamed to say, is my newest obsession! My hubby – who is an avid gamer – is quite amused to see his Jane Austen-loving wife getting quite entrenched into a cellphone-based game!)

One may argue that I’ve wasted a potentially productive four days. That I’ve frittered them away on insignificant trivialities. I beg to differ.

Doing Nothing 101: the test for freelancers

There is an Italian saying which goes something like this: La Dolce Far Niente.  Translated – according to my very rusty Italian grammar – it means, “The sweetness of doing nothing”.

Doing nothing is indeed sweet. Doing nothing allows you the opportunity to rid your mind of things that it was thinking about. It allows you to deal with what you were mulling over and gives you that most precious commodity of head space. This freedom in your mind allows you to develop your creative skills, think out of the box and to devise new solutions to challenges that you’ve been facing in your business.

Your freelance business is yours. It’s what your creative nature dictates it should be. Nothing and no one must tell you differently. In previous blog posts, I’ve written about why freelancers must not let others dictate what they do with their businesses. To sum it my thoughts up, freelancers need to figure out what works for them. They must not – under any circumstances – feel obliged to do business according to others’ opinions. At the end of the day, if freelancers do what they think is right – in terms of business and life in general – they are well on their way to success.

I encourage all freelancers to take weekly – if not daily – time for themselves. This will give the opportunity to free their minds and approach challenges with a different pair of eyes – something which is very necessary.