Tinkies Half and Half Logo

#Tinkies Half and Half: A trip down memory lane

When I was a child (and I’m not going to let you know how long ago that was because it will give away my age!) my mom used to give me a Tinkie as a treat. I particularly remembered her giving me #Tinkies – on occasion – in my school lunchbox.

I remember opening the lid at break time and gasping with excitement at the fact the “Mum remembered #Tinkies!” (Apologies to Melrose for slightly modifying your slogan:) ). My most vivid memory of this delicious treat was the sponge cake which was as soft as a down pillow and the surprise of the cream when you’d bitten through the cake.

#Tinkies Half and Half

Now, #Tinkies has taken the old classic and has improved on it – if that was at all even possible! They’ve taken the sponge cake that you remember but have flavoured it with either chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The filling is a different flavour that complements the flavouring of the sponge.

Here’s Tiger Brands’ marketing manager, Michaela Murning, speaking at the launch about why the company decided to launch #Tinkies Half and Half:

It wasn’t just me who thought that the new #Tinkies was amazing. Gavin also got taken back to his childhood when he had his first Tinkies Half and Half experience.

So if you see the new #Tinkies in stores, why not give it a try? If your kids see it and beg you to try it, don’t fob them off and put the box back on the shelf. Buy a box – you’ll find that you polish the lot off instead of them!

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