Tshamy's Musings: From My Belly To Yours

A Book Review: From My Belly To Yours

I’ve been quite remiss about posting lately on this platform. I almost feel that I’m kinda ‘stuck’. Not ‘stuck’ in the way that many freelance writers get writers block but not knowing which way to go forward. There have been so many amazing opportunities to have landed on my desk in the past few weeks. I’m happy to say that I’ve grabbed at them all with both hands. (I read the advice of a wise woman – the powerhouse who is Elle Franco – who said that the way she’s gotten where she is today is by seizing all opportunities that come her way. No mean feat!

That’s what I’ve been doing over the past month. I am please to say that the happy result is that I’m not sure which one to deal with first! I supposed that the answer to this question is to take a step back and to decide – for myself – where my priorities lie and to stick to these.

Just my two cent’s of musings. Now onto the reason for my post!

From My Belly To Yours

At the end of 2018, I was fortunate enough to edit the debut book of Tshamani Mathebula. The name of this book is Tshamy’s Musings: From my belly to yours. It is the story of Tshamani’s life, what she’s learned and what lessons she wants to teach others. It’s a very real narrative of her. What makes Tshamy, Tshamy.

From My Belly To Yours is heart-wrenching at times but it will leave you with a sense of hope for things to come. Because if Tshamani can overcome all odds – and believe me: there were some serious odds that she had to overcome! – anyone can overcome the trials and tribulations that they face. Here are some of her thoughts on entrepreneurship:

To order the book and to learn more about what Tshamani does, follow this link. If you would like me to edit your manuscript for you – and to make it ready for publication – click here to learn more about my editing services and methodologies.