End-of- year thoughts from a South African Freelancer

As I write this, I am in my study and I have the windows open. It’s raining softly and there’s a cool breeze flowing in which provides a refreshing respite to the intense heat that we have been experiencing over the last couple of weeks.

And while I have my laptop and fancy, ergonomic setup that hubby ser up for me, I am choosing to write this post on my phone – it just felt right at the time.

This year has been tough both from an emotional, financial and physical point view. I started off the year with serious issues with my reproductive system thanks to the blood thinners I am on.

No sooner was that sorted when Gavin’s car started overheating and the mechanics couldn’t find out what the problem was. So we eventually had to sell the car and have been surviving on one since then.

To top it all off, I had a major depressive episode and a cancer scare with Gavin having his own stuff to deal with…

However, despite all of this there has been some incredible good coming out of this. I have seized every opportunity and have become more courageous with exercising my voice. I have learned that it’s OK to speak out and that people won’t look down on me if I do. In fact, they will admire me. And those who do avoid me on account if me exercising my voice shouldn’t be worrying about.

So, if you’re feeling like all you want to do is jump off the cliff and wallow in the sea of despair, don’t. It’s hard, I know, but if all you can do is lie on your tummy and clutch the side of the cliff stay there. Something will happen that will make you get up and walk to safety.