The Downfall That Negativity Brings

This week South Africa has seen some of the record highs of negativity in recent time. If you just scrolled through your Facebook feed on Monday – during the height of stage 6 load shedding – wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to slit your wrists thanks to all the naysayers.

But what does this actually achieve? What does rallying against government and what they are doing accomplish? Just because you get angry at doesn’t change it. In fact if it get angry at this it only makes you angrier.

At the moment, I’m reading John Sanei’s book called “What’s Your Moonshot”. In it, he talks about how a lot of people adopt a victim mindset – something which was very prevalent this week.

The problem is that this doesn’t accomplish anything positive and actually depletes your energy. So why not direct your energy towards something that you can actually change and make a difference?