A morning with inspirational women

I was chatting to my husband last night and I made the remark that 2020, for me, has been a bit like getting a classic car (which hasn’t been driven for a while!) going. To get the old beauty going it takes a couple of tries but once you hear the purr of that engine, she just flies!

So this is the first time that I’ve had a chance to sit down and write a blog post! And I’ve chosen it to be a review of the Rising Star Female Forum, which I attended at the end of last month, as I found it so inspirational and I know that you’ll be inspired from it too.

Just a little bit about the Rising Star Awards (which is part of the larger Rising Star Programe). Every year, the awards honour business leaders (who are under 40) in organisations across South Africa who are making a difference to their organisations as well as their colleagues. You learn so much about yourself when entering so I encourage everyone to take the leap and enter.

The forum that I attended gathered some of the best female minds – from entrepreneurs to those sitting on the C-suite in large organisations – and they shared their words of wisdom with the audience. Here are some of my key learnings from the listening to these powerhouse women.

  • As women we need to claim our space in an environment that is right for us. Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen right away – it will happen when it’s meant to. Make sure that you invest time in mentoring other young women.
  • We all are quick to share our successes but we don’t share the trials and tribulations that we went through to get here. We need to tell more of these stories.
  • Understand the power of leveraging off other people’s experiences. Feed off positive energy and choose the people who are going to be in your tribe wisely.
  • Take emotion out of your business decisions as this clouds your judgement. Don’t give up in difficult times and believe in yourself. Have clarity and intentionality about where you’re going so that, if you’re not sure about the correct path, others can help you get there.
  • Always acknowledge people who’ve helped you along your journey.

As Fazlin Swanepoel, who decided to hike to Everest basecamp but wasn’t too sure how she was going to make this happen however she just started, said, life is full of poop. Your feet may get sucked in, and it may be very difficult to get your feet out, but you need to do this if you want to keep on going towards your goal – no matter how hard it is.

As an entrepreneur building businesses (and has gone through a lot of poop over the last couple of years), this is a very powerful message and I hope that you (whether you be an employee or entrepreneur) can take with you. Keep on keeping on and don’t be afraid so take a break and give yourself a bit of self-love along the way.