Day 3 #COVID19lockdown and all’s well … I really hope so

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to take strain with this #COVID19lockdown. Firstly, I had a filling a week ago and yesterday the tooth started to become extremely sensitive – so much so that when I rinse out my teeth after I’ve brushed them I want to go through the roof. What makes me a little bit more desperate is that she said to hubby – when he also had a filling done and needed it to be reworked – that during the lockdown she could only do a limited amount of procedures – such as take the tooth out or do root canal. (Neither of which are appealing to me…)

So the reason why I chose the picture that I did, for today’s post, is that this morning all I wanted to do was to put my head under the covers and stay there when the #COVID19lockdown is hopefully lifted and life can go back to normal on 17 April.

The feelings that were going through my head were: “Why me? I haven’t travelled overseas in about eight years. I haven’t been in contact with people who’ve been overseas either. Why am I being punished???”

As I wrote about in this post in my head I know why people’s movements are being restricted. I appreciate the reason for this, cerebrally. However, in my gut I still have all of these feelings. How do I get over these feelings in a manner that is not offensive to others and also doesn’t warrant the ridicule of others?

What was heart-breaking for me is that it was hubby’s birthday yesterday and we weren’t able to go out and celebrate it. We weren’t even able to have family over to celebrate what and absolutely amazing guy he is. However, what we did was to make a promise to ourselves that – after lockdown – we would go out to one of our favourite spas, which is called Riverview Spa (it’s near Lanseria) and we would celebrate his and my birthday in style! (Mine’s on 14 April.)

So what’s my coping mechanism for today? It’s looking at the small things – like looking forward to our (belated) birthday celebrations. It’s also not about looking at the next three weeks in it’s entirety because if you do you’ll go insane. Take it from me, I started looking at a calendar yesterday to figure out how many weeks this lockdown is still to last for and when I saw I had a bit of a freakout. So, at the moment, what I’m doing is only looking at the next 24 hours and seeing what I need to do during this time.

My one piece of advice is to keep moving. Hubby and I did quite a hectic plyometric exercise session today and I must admit I frequently cursed him during it! But I must admit that I feel better now and writing these daily posts helps me to express myself, get my thoughts and feelings out there, so that I don’t bottle things up and end up going totally insane.

A lot of Pilates instructors are offering online classes. Here’s one from Teresa Sischy:

Everyone is saying that you need to stay strong. Yes you do but if you need to have a slight meltdown, that’s OK.

Have a super Sunday and chat tomorrow,