What does a copywriter do?

What does a copywriter do?

In other articles on my site, I’ve talked about why it is important to have an editor (or copy editor, which is ultimately the same thing) as well as the best way to work with them. I’ve also chatted about what an editor does.

In this blog post, I’m going to look at:

  • What a copywriter does,
  • What makes a copy writer different from a ‘normal’ writer, as well as
  • Why you would need a copywriter.


What is a copywriter?


Many people and institutions have developed scientific descriptions of what a copywriter is. Some may say that a copywriter is specifically involved with developing bespoke copy for advertising projects. Others may say that copywriting is merely about writing copy in order to sell a particular product or service. It does not matter whether it is for advertising or blog posts.

I like to adopt a more simplistic definition of copywriting. For me, copywriting is no more complicated than the art of writing copy:

  • Copywriting may involve writing for advertisements that have the express purpose of selling goods and/or services via email, website or social media.
  • Alternatively, writing copy may be about writing articles on your website.

Just as an aside, the more you publish articles on your site, the more it signals to Google that your site is popular and that it needs to rank your site highly – for certain search criteria- than others. In other words, by publishing articles on a regular basis you are making your site SEO friendly. Read the Digital School of Marketing’s post – on What does an SEO specialist do? – to find out more about the nitty-gritty’s of SEO.


Why do you need a copywriter?


A copywriter is someone who is gifted with language. The flow of words is effortless for him or her. Yes, it’s possible for anyone to write an article or construct copy for a website. However, this may probably take three times the amount of time that it would a copywriter who has been schooled in the art of copywriting and has take years upon years to hone their craft. For them, it becomes effortless to create the content that you need and you, as the copywriting client, will benefit from their well-honed skills and experience.

I am a copywriter who has over ten years’ of experience in crafting bespoke pieces of copy for her clients. Follow this link to read more about my ethos. For a quote on how I can help you with the next article for your website or designing copy for your website, click here to leave me your details.