How do I become a copywriter

How Do I Become A Copywriter?

A copywriter writes with the intention of encouraging and influencing the audience (in other words, the reader) to buy a product or service. They have an instinctive understanding of human drive and know-how and can sway decision-making with words as well as suggestions. If you really enjoy writing, you could consider applying your skills to a job writing copy. In this article, we have a look at what a copywriter does and how to become one.

What’s It Like To Be A Copywriter?


Copywriters research, plan and put together written content (which is known as copy) for the purpose of advertising goods and services for a client. This content consists of advertisements, slogans, blog posts, emails, sales letters, technical documents, speeches, scripts and website copy.

These professionals have strong written communication skills, embark on extensive research of the subject to be communicated, and frequently adhere to style guides in order to fulfil the advertising brief and match the planned tone for a piece of content.

What Are The Different Types Of Copywriters?


For instance, a direct mail copywriter focuses on what most people refer to as “junk mail” and may never pen an email or sales letter. Chances are very good that you throw away their work on a daily basis. However not everybody does. Plenty of people open those envelopes for direct mail to be a multibillion-dollar industry. It’s also one of the oldest specialties in the copywriting profession. Email copywriting and Facebook copywriting (as well as other social media posts) are two much newer specialties.

  • Other types of written copy include the following:
    Sales letters – A one-page sales letter that is commonly used to sell information products.
  • Blog posts – While blogging isn’t usually considered as copywriting, any blog post intentionally – that is used to influence a sale – could be written by a copywriter (in other words a “content writer”). This type of copy is termed “middle of funnel” or “bottom of funnel” content writing.
  • Product descriptions – E-commerce and catalog companies often pay copywriters to come in and clean up their product descriptions.
  • App homepages – Copywriters will describe the characteristics and benefits of an app, describe the pricing, etc.
  • White papers – In the B2B space, lots of companies put together white papers to demonstrate their product. Copywriters will write these.
  • Lead magnet copy – Even though it’s a short copy, a copywriter will frequently create multiple variations of an opt-in web page or pop-up in order to give a freebie in exchange for an email address.

In general, you can divide copy into two categories: direct response or branding:

  • With direct response copy, you want the prospect to take action immediately. Lead magnets and sales letters would fall into this category.
  • With copy written for branding, your goal is to create trust and memorability around the product, company, or personality. White papers and even types of content marketing, digital marketing, and SEO copywriting (Search Engine Optimisation) would be good examples of branding.


What Skills Should A Copywriter Have?


if you are an agency, corporate or freelance copywriter, these are some central qualities you will utilise in your career:

Writing Skills

The act of writing copy is a repetitive process. You don’t have to be an experienced writer to begin but practising daily will help you refine your writing skills and get better over time.

Inquisitive Nature

Writing efficient copy requires some background research into your topic and target audience. Having a naturally curious mind and wanting to learn new things can make a career in copy writing an exciting and exhilarating choice.


You will have to be able to evaluate your work from an objective perspective. This means that you will need to scan your work for edits, looking for correct grammar, spelling and punctuation and proofreading in order to guarantee a quality piece.

Communication Skills

You utilise these skills to understand others clearly and to be understood in a complete manner. They will help you to assert yourself and orient yourself as an authority in writing copy. Listening intently to your clients, interpreting their vision and writing for their intended purpose all necessitate excellent verbal and written communication skills.


Having the ability to see things from a new perspective is a unique skill that all copywriters will find extremely valuable.

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