Why you need to choose me as your editor

Why you should choose Lia Marus as your editor and/or proofreader


You know the old saying that “Two eyes are better than one?” Ok, I may have taken some creative liberties here but you know what I’m trying to say! No matter how good a writer a person is, everyone will always need an editor to be the fresh pair of eyes on a piece of writing. Why? This is to pick up nuances in the text that may need to be amended or altered. And because you, as the writer, have interacted with the text countless times you stop seeing the finer details of it.


This is where they editor comes in handy.


Needing an editor is not a slight on your abilities. In fact, academics agree with me. They also say that it is impossible to pick up every single typo in your written work because you know what meaning you want to put across in your writing. You skip out obvious errors because your brain expects there to be a perfect grammatical construction where there might, in fact, be a mistake.


Editing is not to be confused with proofreading


Editing is all about working with the author to improve their writing while proofreading is where the proofreader looks at the text for obvious errors like typos and grammatical errors. I find it impossible to proofread a piece of work without editing it at the same time. So, when you ask me to proofread something you are – in actual fact – scoring!


The Society for Editors and Proofreaders have put together this handy video about the difference between these two tasks:

Do you have a text that needs to be edited and/or proofread? I specialise in:

  • Editing theses and dissertations as well as academic articles,
  • Plain language editing,
  • Editing articles for magazines and corporate material such as annual reports, blog articles, corporate identities and company newsletters.


So if you want your written work edited by a pro with more than 10 years’ experience in the business, talk to me! Follow this link to contact me for a quote.